Careering Talk: Construction, humans and connections with Angelo Suntres


Students, New Grads, and Career Seekers, Welcome to #CoffeeWithConvery. This podcast is an intimate, upfront and personal coffee chat approach with some of the amazing and inspiring talent I have met over the years. On today’s Careering Talk, my guest today is Angelo Suntres.

Angelo is a graduate of Western University with a Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

Angelo is a passionate leader in the construction industry with 17 years of experience in designing and building in the ICI sector. His competencies include project management, estimating and leadership. He has represented both contractors and owners and understands the struggles form both sides of the fence. Angelo believes that focusing on the human principles of connection including effective communication and fostering healthy relationships is a critical part to ensuring a successful future for the construction industry.

In addition to having worked for Bering Mechanical, University Health Network, Black & McDonald Limited and Ellis Don, Angelo is the founder of his company AGS where he helps construction professionals be the best that they can be. He is also the author of his new book “The Human Side of Construction: How to Ensure a Successful, Sustainable and Profitable Career as a Contractor, Project Manager, Estimator or Superintendent” and a facilitator of online resources for construction education. You can learn more at his website and sign up for his Sunday newsletters and some professional 1:1 coaching as well if interested.

I had the chance to sit down with Angelo to discuss Construction, humans and connections and I am happy to share our conversation with you, enjoy!

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Intimate, upfront and personal coffee chats with some of the amazing students and inspiring talent, I have met over the years.