Sports Talk: Dedication, empathy and competitiveness with Kreig Yeh

On today’s episode we are going to take a slightly different twist to the #CoffeeWithConverypodcast with the introduction of “Sports Talk” where my invited guests will share how being an athlete has helped them to propel their skill building, their mindsets and their futures. “Sports Talk” also helps us understand the hurdles and barriers some athlete’s face while being in school, participating in sports and trying to balance the transition into the workplace.

My guest today is Kreig Yeh, a Digital Marketing Strategist and Consultant, Founder & Podcast Host, Content Creator, and Team Canada Bobsledder. Kreig is a graduate and Valedictorian from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (with Distinction) in Communications including a Co-operative Education Designation.

I had the chance to sit down over a virtual coffee to talk Sports Talk: dedication, empathy and competitiveness with Kreig Yeh and I am happy to share our conversation with you, Enjoy!

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Intimate, upfront and personal coffee chats with some of the amazing students and inspiring talent, I have met over the years.